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A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicine Authentication Scheme

Wide variance in product quality has led to public concern towards the safety and efficacy of Chinese medicine products in the market. IACM Ltd. established the "A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicines Authentication Scheme", so as to assure the quality of awarded CM product and to benefit public health.

"A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicines Authentication Scheme" endorsed by Hong Kong Chinese Medicines Authentication Centre aims to promote Chinese products that:

  • Pass authentication including microscopic identification of herbs;
  • Pass safety tests on heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbiological contents; and
  • Comply with chemical marker requirements as stipulated in the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 2005.

CM products participated in the A-Mark scheme must pass all tests for at least 8 submitted and random checked samples annually. This is to ensure the quality of A-Mark awarded product is stable in order to safeguard public health.

Product using A‑Mark endorsement in HK marketProduct using A‑Mark endorsement in China marketProduct using A‑Mark endorsement in both China and HK market
Quantity of annual submitted sample by client41216
Quantity of annual random checked sample by IACM4812

1. Products with the same product name but different packing size will be counted as 2 products.
2. Products with the same ingredient but different product name/ packaging/ packing size will be counted as 2 products.
3. Product sample quantity to be confirmed if A‑Mark endorsement to be used in other countries.

For those who are interested to join "A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicines Authentication Scheme", please kindly contact IACM.

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